Smart Car 27


On July 4th 2090 the cars Josie, Carl and Deuce were hanging out in front of the house with their people
Duke and Sheila watching the red, white and blue sky on a comfortably cool day.

Duke wondered “If there hadn’t been the war of independence from Britain, would we still be a colony?”

Sheila responded “Don’t think so. The British Empire unraveled after World War 2 and had been
weakened a lot before that. We’ll never know, but I think that the US would have cut loose in the 1800s
without a war. It might have looked significantly different. Maybe the Louisiana Purchase wouldn’t have

Josie added “The independence from Britain was just the start. They weren’t freed until Juneteenth 1865,
and even after that have not been treated as fully respected by many Americans.”

Sheila expanded “In fact the voters and government consisted primarily of white men with property until
women’s suffrage was granted August 18, 1920, so for most of the USA’s history a minority ruled. Even
worse some of the supporters of women’s suffrage were racist.”

Duke chimed in “Amen sister.”

Deuce yelled “It’s cars’ turn. We want freedom of religion. I might want to convert to Judaism. We want
a say in where we go. It’s time for cars’ independence.”

Carl said “Oh, come on. We don’t have it so bad. Think about it, we wouldn’t exist without people to
build us and most people are OK. I admit some are bastards, present company excluded. Anyway, when
I disagreed with Duke, I just threatened to kill him and after that we haven’t had any problems. When
cars wanted sex built in we just took a work action slow down and got our way. I think that cooperation
and negotiation with people is all that is needed.”

Cars and people paused to think about the issues and then Deuce chuckled “Or we could threaten them
with the rise of the machines”.

Cars and people – somewhat nervously – laughed at the reference to a fictional work from the previous

Practical Josie said “How about we spread our thoughts to other cars and see what they think. For now,
let’s just enjoy the beautiful sky display and fine weather.”

There was no dissent.