Active Vocabulary

How many new English words should I learn every day? I read somewhere that native speakers learn approximately one new word per day. Do they study vocabulary books? I doubt it! Do they make an effort to memorize those new words? Certainly, no!

Native English speakers learn new words through reading, listening, and speaking. Since almost all English-speaking nations are considered developed countries, they spend more time reading books, magazines, and newspapers than we do. No need to mention that they write and produce more stuff to read, too!

English-speaking countries produce more quality movies, documentaries, and TV programs than other nations. Take Hollywood as an example! It’s a fact that Bollywood makes more films yearly, but Hollywood makes more quality movies in almost all genres.

Non-native English speakers and learners mustn’t worry about the number of words they know. If you are a beginner, learn the top 500 or 1000 words ASAP. But after that, keep yourself engaged with those subjects you like or need for your daily life and business.

Read the books you like, watch your favorite TV programs, listen to interesting podcasts, and speak with the English speakers you know. That’s how you expand your vocabulary without studying boring vocabulary books. Do not count how many words you learn daily. Just embrace English as your language if you truly like and need it.