Son Minus Money

I have not been able to connect to my VPN for a long time. Apparently, I have to say goodbye to Twitter, WordPress, and so many other websites I used to visit every day. I have no clue about my future. Nobody in Iran does, actually!

I have decided to focus on expanding my vocabulary for a while. I’m also willing to improve my grammar knowledge. This might be the best tactic to enhance my English while I have lost my connection with Youtube and Instagram.

2023 is my last chance to do something about my business life. I’m thirty-four, so it’s time for me to choose a more stable lifestyle and try to make more money. Honestly, the only thing I enjoy doing is speaking English with my students. The problem is that you can never have enough students to make a secure income.

I’m my parents’ oldest son, and they expect me to support them in the future. That’s why I always feel stressed and under pressure. A son who has no money worths nothing to his parents. You might disagree, but I have learned this lesson the hard way.

In 2023, I will do my best to improve my speaking skills to feel more confident and content about who I am in this world. Speaking English fluently like native speakers is my biggest goal for the rest of my life. I love English, so I deserve to be excellent at it.