Baba Noruz Series

Baba Noruz: The First Mission

It’s a quiet morning in the Caspian Jungle, and Baba Noruz is drinking his tea while watching a stand-up comedy on TV in his wood-made hut.

“This new guy is hilarious, Naaz, don’t you agree?” Naaz is Baba’s chubby white bunny. She can’t talk, of course, but she listens to Baba Noruz attentively and watches TV all the time.

Someone knocks on the door.

“A guest? I hope it’s not a human.” Baba murmurs and stands up to open the door.

“Ho Ho Ho … How’s my cousin? Long time no see! Can I come in?”

Santa enters, but Baba isn’t happy. He doesn’t like to be interrupted when he’s watching stand-up comedies.

“What’s up, Santa? What has brought you here this time of the day?”

“Don’t be bitter, Baba … oh, hello Naaz, here come, I have some fresh carrots for you!”

Naaz takes carrots and starts chewing them like a shot.

“Listen, Baba, I have to return home in an hour. I need your help, so just listen to me and don’t talk.”

“OK, then. I’m all ears now. Want some black tea?”

“No, thanks, listen … swans are heading towards this jungle, but some nasty men have set up traps for them. You and I must give them an unforgettable lesson before those poor swans get here.

“Agreed! But what’s your plan? We don’t have evil powers. You know that.”

“I know, but your wife, Pari, is a witch and all animals in this jungle obey her orders. I want you to send her a message ASAP. If she talks to Asiatic cheetahs, they will surely help us scare those men off, and then you and I can get rid of those dangerous traps.”

“Is your sled out there?”


“Then, let’s hurry up! Pari’s cottage is only a mile far. Let’s save the swans together.”

Baba and Santa leave the hut. Naaz keeps chewing carrots and watching TV. Now that Baba isn’t home, she can switch channels and watch animated films. She loves cartoons more than she loves carrots.

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I think it’s terrific. I like the tone and pace and attitude. I LIKE the times when your English is flawed. In fact, I think you should write some stories in an even more “off” way: taking your native syntax and structure and using direct translations. Try it and see how they turn out. Keep in mind that the heart and wisdom can still be there, but will be somewhat camouflaged by the irregular language. That is a cool form, I think. Funny and disarming.

I think the result might be fun and charming.

Thank you for your generous support and honest feedback, dear Mitchell! I will do my best to write better pieces! 🙂

Maysam –
I wondered what Naaz watched, and it was answered. What does Baba have against humans – will that be answered? Santa as in Claus? Are Caspian cheetahs common? African cheetahs are endangered I understand. Didn’t know there was a Caspian Jungle. If this is a fantasy all of this makes sense.

Send me more as this develops. How many languages will you use?

We are experiencing another “atmospheric river”. So far we personally have not been flooded or had power outage, but others have.

The WordPress thing works, but it was never necessary before.

Incredible coincidence – the cabin you chose to illustrate Baba is the same one that I used for my story “Old” just today. It is supposed to be on the Siletz River which drains in the Pacific Ocean.



Thanks for taking the time to read this piece. 🙂

1) Baba Noruz in Persian culture is someone like Santa Claus. There are a lot of similarities and a few differences. But here I’m trying to recreate my own brand-new Baba Noruz stories. My BN won’t be the same person who exists in Persian literature.

2) Baba Noruz, like Santa Claus, has some magical powers. He’s not a human, actually. (He looks like humans, though!) That’s why he prefers not to meet humans unless there’s no other options.

3) Caspian Jungle covers three provinces of Iran and some part of Azerbaijan.

4) Asiatic Cheetahs are endangered but they still live in Iran.

5) Yes, this a fantasy story and thanks for reading it. I’ll try to develop it!

I do hope you are always safe! 🙂💛

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