Halloween 2022

The only thing I do on Halloween is watch one or two horror comedy films. This year I chose The Curse of Bridge Hollow and Hubie Halloween. Both of them were fun to watch. It was my second time watching Hubie Halloween, but luckily, I had forgotten most parts, especially the ending.

Halloween is a fun holiday, but I can’t tolerate too much fear and anxiety these days. This explains why I don’t watch any graphic horror films. Even some horror comedy ones are too much for my nerves.

My favorite holidays are Norooz and Christmas. The first one is in Spring, and the second one takes place in Winter. Awesome! During the Norooz holidays, I spend most of my time going to the countryside or on short trips and journies. On Christmas, however, I spend my entire time watching as many Christmas movies as possible.

Parties, holidays, and festivals make life more pleasant and durable. That’s why I love them dearly!